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the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

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Jennifer Haydu, owner and founder of evolution studio has more than 30 years experience teaching and training.  She earned national certifications as a personal trainer, medical exercise specialist, Pilates & yoga instructor. Her coaching style is a product of solid credentials, teaching experience, and her passion for lifelong learning. After many years in the dance world, both as a performer and teacher, she works with particular attention to posture, body mechanics & core strength. As a devoted yoga practitioner and teacher she integrates many of those principles into her coaching.

One of those principles is the importance of connection with nature. Our personal ecosystem must be understood as part of the larger web. Health and sustainability are the natural result of individuals and communities that honor that feedback loop. Both before and during the COVID pandemic she offered outdoor yoga classes to help people stay active and connected to community. She offers group retreats that feature hiking, yoga, ocean sports and outdoor dance excursions. We are nourished, inspired, and uplifted when we engage the natural world and feel our place in it.

Just as nature is always changing and evolving, so our own health and well being is a life long journey. Movement is a way to nourish ourselves on that journey, to play and to create art at any age or stage of life. Now, more than ever, we are reminded how we must adapt and change to meet the moment. 

But just as movement is a gift and joy,  so is stillness and surrender.  Being an active participant in our own health is crucial,  but so is the ability to receive nourishment in subtle and quiet ways.   Over the last several years,  Jennifer has been cultivating body work practices that include Thai Yoga Massage, Esalen and Deep Body Work on the table.  These healing arts are based on the transmission of Metta,  or loving-kindness, and deep compassionate presence.   “I am continually humbled at the healing power and grace of this practice.  It has changed my life profoundly, and is my great joy to share it.”

Jennifer completed the Yoga Therapy training program at the Niroga Institute in Oakland, CA and puts those lessons into practice through community outreach to schools, non profits and local underserved populations in the Monterey area.  She continues to explore a dialogue with professionals in related fields,  and collaborate with artists,  healers and community activists of all kinds.  She teaches dance, yoga and creative movement in Monterey  public schools as a visiting artist.

Her passion is to meet her students where they are, at any age, and help them access their own sense of well being and grace. Evolution is a lifelong process if we choose to engage it. Jennifer's specialty is to offer tools for your own place on that journey.

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