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We delight in the movement and physical practices, but also in the many other aspects of yoga that calm the mind and nourish the soul.

Through meditation, sound, breathing and other practices, we explore our personal evolution and connection with the living pulse of the Universe.   Our yoga classes and workshops honor the history, tradition, and discipline of the practice with an awareness of exercise science and subtle body energy. Regularly scheduled studio classes include Fluid Dynamics, Acroyoga & Restorative Yoga, check the schedule for those or inquire with Jennifer directly for private classes.



Jennifer has been a certified personal trainer for over 20 years and has worked with clients of all ages and health challenges. Personal or Small group work can range from general fitness training to sport specific, to special needs (i.e. post rehab training, stroke recovery, older adults bone and balance) Prices vary according to group size and session totals.

One on one sessions benefit from a specific tailored approach to improve your technique and address any personal challenges. Small or even larger group sessions can still be customized while you benefit from the support, inspiration and camaraderie of your team.


Fitness Training

Dance is intrinsic to all humans, and artistic expression is a powerful form of healing and connection. We gather to dance, sing and play music for the EXPERIENCE of life in our bodies and to elevate our souls. EVOLUTION hosts a monthly indoor/outdoor social Dancejam so we can play, and move and connect. Click here for more details and a gallery of dancers in action. We also offer dance lab workshops, song circles, private lessons and kids classes.

Dance Lab: Explore, connect, move!  We explore rhythm, shape, momentum, sound, maybe even flight! We practice creating sensitivity, strength, and flow through our entire bodies. We move through the space, on the floor and with each other. We share a variety of movement vocabularies, styles, exercises and phrases. Break out of the box, and experiment with new movement possibilities.


Dance, Music & Singing

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