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Deep Body Work with Rob Wilks

5 day training for massage practitioners

Take a deep dive into the practice of Deep Bodywork with one of the most sought after teachers and practitioners of the art form, Rob Wilks. He will be offering a 5 day course focussed on the feet, legs and hips that will add layers of creativity and depth to your work. Rob has been on the faculty at the Esalen Institute for many years and has taught and mentored students of massage from the US, to China, Bali, Spain, and Italy. He is well known for his clarity, professionalism and deep presence. EVOLUTION is honored to host him for this special training.

Dates: July 24th-28th

Times: 9:30am-1:00pm and 3pm-6:30pm

Location: EVOLUTION studio, Pacific Grove CA

Price: $750

Contact: Rob Wilks 831 477-1877

More information here:

This seminar will focus on the hips at the advanced level, the feet, and the lower legs. The prevalence of hip pain, which if not resolved can lead to hip replacement surgery, has become a complaint which we see more frequently than in the past. Learning to free the gluteus medius, minimus, and the tensor facia latae will be an important focus in the class. Opening the feet and freeing the four primary soft tissue layers of the sole of the foot will also be taught. The resulting effects on the entire body from competent footwork are often remarkable. We will learn to move seamlessly from the foot to the lower leg, with particular emphasis on the tibialis anterior and its role in flexing the foot at the ankle. There will be plenty of time for questions, and discussion of actual cases participants may have encountered in their practices

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