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Kids Yoganimal Playshops

We offer several ways to play and cultivate well-being in our children. These include, yoga, dance, acrobatics and fitness classes. Right now, we are using outdoor spaces and will resume studio space when it is safe to do so. Jennifer is passionate about helping kids to befriend their own bodies and to learn how to be in physical contact with others with respect, safety and cooperation. Physical skills of coordination, balance, strength and agility are all important to develop, as are the social/emotional skills of awareness, respect, and communication.

In these most challenging times, kids are faced with added stresses of COVID, political unrest and charged social dynamics. The economic and social fallout in their families, neighborhoods and social circles mean they need support systems more than ever.

If you would like to speak to Jennifer about teaching to a self created group or “pod” please get in contact, We have several options for outdoor venues in the Monterey Peninsula.

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