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Kids Fitness, Dance and Yoganimal Playshops

Updated: Feb 13

We offer several ways to play and cultivate well-being in our children. These include, yoga, dance, acrobatics and fitness classes. Jennifer is passionate about helping kids to befriend their own bodies and to learn how to be in physical contact with others with respect, safety and cooperation. Physical skills of coordination, balance, strength and agility are all important to develop, as are the social/emotional skills of awareness, respect, and communication.

In these most challenging times, kids are faced with added stresses. Many schools are providing less physical and artistic activities due to a variety of factors. This has created an imbalance in their literacy rates: academic literacy may not be equal to their body literacy. Body literacy is a critical life skill. The charged social and economic dynamics of the adult world do influence their own social dynamics, and they need the tools of self regulation and stress management early in life to create healthy bodies, but also to create a learning ready environment inside themselves.

Jennifer has many years of experience working with children of all ages. She incorporates age appropriate anatomy and physiology lessons into play, yoga and dance so that kids learn how their bodes work and learn to appreciate what a gift it is to be alive as the human animals we are.

Kids dance classes explore a variety of movement styles, both creative expression and the ability to learn patterns and rhythms. We practice both body control and body freedom,

Kids fitness includes strength building, agility, coordination, balance and mobility. We encourage kids to challenge themselves and support their teammates.

Our yoga classes include many of the same fitness skills, as well as breathing and relaxation tools to create a mind/body connection. Our Yoganimal Playshops involve playful and creative games with animal characters and partner work.

We use both our studio space with mats, balls and other tools, and outdoor spaces when weather allows for our youth programs. We can arrange private classes for birthday parties and workshops for special occasions. We regularly teach kids activites at a variety of festivals in CA as well.


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